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Grieg Strategic Services is a supplier of logistical support and advisory services. The company operates as the Strategic partner to the Norwegian Armed Forces.

Grieg Strategic Services support the Norwegian Armed Forces with civilian logistics solutions for operations and exercises nationally and internationally.

The company is a part of Grieg Logistics and the Grieg Group. The Grieg Group is rooted in a long and proud maritime tradition and consists of companies within seafood, shipping, shipbroking, investments, and logistics. By the advantage of the Grieg Groups’ capabilities and close to 2,000 employees, Grieg Strategic Services can offer a variety of services.


Logistics Preparedness

Grieg Strategic Services support and assists with security assessments and vulnerability analysis for the Norwegian Armed Forces. This is to secure that civilian safety demands are coordinated and considered when it comes to the Norwegian Armed Forces’ safety in logistics operations. In logistics preparedness, securing ports, train stations, and aircraft terminals as well as transport lines is a decisive factor in all logistics operations.


Project Logistics Management

A significant part of the Grieg Strategic Services’ activity is planning and conducting logistics operations for the Norwegian Armed Forces and other public bodies. Grieg Strategic Services develop plans, provides scheduling data, and create working procedures for complex logistics scenarios


Data and Insight

Grieg Strategic Services is a developer of the product Civil - Recognized Logistics Picture. This is used by internal (companies in the Grieg Group), and by external customers. Grieg Connect, associated company to Grieg Strategic Services, provides real-time information based on AIS data. Together with the AIS data and other relevant sources, Grieg Strategic Services develop analytics and provide decision support for logistics operations.

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Grieg Strategic Services supports the Norwegian Armed Forces with civilian logistics solutions. In major military exercises in Norway, Grieg Strategic Services have the delivery responsibility for port operations (sea, air, rail). We mainly use local subcontractors for services like accommodation, dining, snow clearing / bedding, fuel, office facilities, lifting equipment, area (indoor / outdoor), security fences, garbage handling, sanitary facilities, washing / cleaning, etc.

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