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Grieg Connect provides agile software for ports, supply basis, terminals and ferries combining operational knowledge and state-of-the-art IT-solutions

Grieg Connect provides software for port management, AIS, terminal operations, ferries and access control developed through many years of experience with a strong in-house market expertise.

In addition, Grieg Connect provides consulting services where they bring their experience and expertise to ensure correct implementation of systems and work-related processes.

Grieg Connect regularly run courses to ensure that all customers get the best user experience possible. Their support department is at your service.

Shiplog Port Now


Shiplog delivers self-developed system solutions based on the collection and processing of AIS data, and is leading with a number of established products for port authorities, logistics bases, industry stakeholders, public authorities and shipping companies. International business with 4 employees headquartered in Kristiansund



Grieg Logistics with sister company Seamless supports more than 40 ports in making efficient port operations, port planning and secure access control. Prime supplier to official port authorities and leading industry companies in Norway. Seamless solutions improve operation efficiency minimizing manual data entries and providing high level of data quality and operation control and management.

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