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The new established company Grieg Strategic Services AS enters into a strategic partnership with the Armed Forces. The company will assist with logistical support for military operations and exercises, in peace, crisis and in war.

On May 15, Grieg Strategic Services AS, fully owned by Grieg Logistics AS, and the Armed Forces Logistics Organization, signed a framework agreement on logistical support for the Armed Forces operations and exercises at home and abroad.

The national defence needs civilian logistics support
It was Chairman Elna-Kathrine Grieg and Chief Executive Officer Michelle Williams in Grieg Logistics, and Petter Jansen, Managing Director of the Armed Forces Logistics Organization, who signed the agreement.

– The Armed Forces need secure access to civilian logistics capacity in both peacetime and in crisis and war. Therefore, we enter into strategic contingency agreements with solid Norwegian logistics companies. Grieg Strategic Services AS has the qualifications we seak and we are looking forward to further cooperation, says Jansen.

Prepared to support The Armed Forces
Grieg Strategic Services AS will initially establish a coordination cell. This co-locates with the National Logistics Command, which plans and manages logistical support for the Armed Forces operations and exercises. The purpose of this coordination cell is to ensure the Armed Forces a civilian management element that can efficiently and rapidly coordinate civilian logistical support to the Armed Forces.

– The Armed Forces’ activities are among the most demanding logistics operations in Norway. We are pleased that the Armed Forces considers us as a strategic partner who can perform these operations for the benefit of our country. We have a very competent team who is eager to taking on the task, “says Michele Williams, Chief Executive Officer of Grieg Logistics AS.

Grieg Strategic Services AS will provide preparedness and strategic logistics solutions specifically to the Armed Forces, based on the Grieg Group’s capacity and expertise. Managing Director of Grieg Strategic Services AS will be Morten Graff.

About FLO
The Armed Forces Logistics Organization (FLO) contributes to the defence’s responsiveness, combat strength and endurance through maintenance, supply and transportation services. The National Logistics Command is part of FLO, and on behalf of the Armed Forces operational headquarters, conducts all joint operational logistics operations in the Armed Forces, both nationally and internationally.

Facts about the Armed Forces strategic logistics contingency agreements
Norwegian business is part of the total resources society can use to ensure the best possible national preparedness for crisis, disaster and war. The Armed Forces enter into strategic emergency preparedness agreements with selected Norwegian civilian companies that provide logistics services the Armed Forces depend on. These agreements provide the Armed Forces with flexible access to logistics capabilities that provide increased operational capability and reduced costs. The agreements are entered into with terms that mean that the civilian supplier undertakes to provide services to the Armed Forces in all conflict areas, including in war. Strategic cooperation enables the company and the Armed Forces to undertake integrated planning, coordination and practice together in peacetime, thus being prepared as best as possible in the event of a crisis, disaster or war.

Companies must at any time relate to the Armed Forces operational requirements and conditions. There are a number of demands from the Armed Forces to the company entering into a strategic contingency agreement, including Norwegian majority ownership, economic conditions and stability, long-term commitment, etc. Civilian personnel who will work closely with the Armed Forces with planning and coordination must be able to be safe and relevant and experience.