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Grieg Logistics is pleased to announce that we have partnered with Inchcape Shipping Services to expand.

Grieg Logistics is today covering over 60 Norwegian ports with local representative. The partnership with Inchcape will enable the sharing of technologies, expansion of port agency support in Norway and coverage for military and naval operations throughout Inchcape’s global network.

Inchcape Shipping Services are global providers of port agency and maritime services, with 260 offices in 60 countries and a team of 3,000 professional and committed staff.

“Combining the expertise of Inchcape Shipping Services and Grieg Logistics provides a unique platform for providing Marine & Offshore Services, Port Agency and Naval support. The two organisations have complementary skill sets and well-aligned cultures; this delivers unparalleled operational excellence and transparency to our clients.”
– Frank Olsen, CEO – Inchcape Shipping Services

“We are excited and highly motivated to take on the extended cooperation with Inchcape. We believe our long-standing experience in Norway within the agency business in all segments, combined with our digital solutions and Inchcapes’ global network will benefit both owners and terminals in the best possible way.”
– Michelle Williams, CEO – Grieg Logistics.

Media Enquiries Grieg Logistics

Michelle Williams
+47 948 89 818

Media Enquiries Inchcape

Lisa Holum
VP Business Development Scandinavia
+47 4525 0108