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– Logistics is often the bottleneck and therefore we seek solid, civil partners, says Petter Jansen, Chief of the Defence Logistics Organisation. Defence council recommendeds that the military develop and enter agreements with civilian actors to strengthen the operational capability. In their rappport they state that the civilian support is necessary to maintain relevant defense capability within realistic economic frames
– Initially we will further develop agreements with Grieg and NorSea Group, says Petter Jansen.

Rune Birkeland, CEO of Grieg Logistics, says their main task is to support the Armed Forces vessels when they come into port.
– This could be refueling, supplies of food, drink and spare parts, technical services, and other tasks as organizing crew changes and planning exercises and operations, says Birkeland.

– Several people in Grieg’s management has a naval background and good knowledge of our operations, which is a huge advantage for us, says Jansen.

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