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Core Business

Empowering Performance Through Digitalization

The future of logistics is transforming, and we are taking a clear role in this change. By being a forerunner within technology and delivering excellent services, we help our customers and partners, adapt to the new era of logistics. In all our business areas, we strive to increase the customer’s utilization of capacity, reducing their risk and improving their experience. Our strategy is based on sustainable growth for both our customers and ourselves.

Our Business Areas for Driving Performance

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We aim to be your preferred partner for operating green, sustainable terminals. Through our digital foundation, we have developed a new standard within terminal operations, enabling you to utilize integrated solutions to achieve your goals. Our strategic partnerships allow for innovation and the creation of new concepts for a sustainable future. We are here to help you get greener by getting smarter.

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New business models and technologies are disrupting logistics, and we are here to assist ports and terminals with integrating these recent changes. Grieg Logistics is empowered to provide the best solutions for our customers by applying our technological expertise and solid digital footing. Grieg Logistics has an integrated customer-centric innovation approach, where creating value for our clients, in the form of profitability, sustainability and flexibility, is always the top priority.

As we advance, Grieg Logistics is aiming to take an even stronger stand in the technological development of logistics to become a leading provider of digital solutions for the industry. This way, we will be positioned to increase the predictability and competitiveness of ports and terminals.

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We provide end-to-end ship services, project logistics, governmental services and more. Our experienced and skilled teams work together with our customers to improve their efficiency, security and profitability in logistic operations. By optimizing the interaction between technology, processes, people and the organization, we increase our customer’s competitive advantage. We are a strategic resource for the shipping industry, managing performance from port to port with our vast expertise.