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From Board Member to CEO – and From Oil to Sustainability

Grieg Logistics

As a board member at Grieg Logistics for a decade, Stig Trygve was used to reviewing and approving the company’s business plans. Now he’s the CEO and is suddenly the one to implement and deliver on those plans.

«The transition from being a board member to starting working here was great. I knew the company well at a strategic level, so getting to know the operational side of it was very exciting,» says Stig Trygve Andersen, the CEO of Grieg Logistics.

He has spent his entire career in the oil and gas industry, holding leading positions in all four major areas: drilling, subsea, rig maintenance, and topside processing. For his last ten years in this industry, he was also a board member at Grieg Logistics – a company he found so impressive that in 2017, when given the opportunity, he decided to start working here.

A digital strategy

«We’re a company with so many opportunities going forward, especially with our digital technology as a foundation. We’re one of very few logistics companies with such a broad suite of technology-driven logistic services,» Stig Trygve explains.

While the digital strategy is present throughout Grieg Logistics, the most visible evidence of the company’s tech focus is its subsidiary Grieg Connect. The company is a merger of two previous acquisitions: Seamless, a port administration system, and ShipLog, providing real-time positioning information of ships.

«All future development of the company will be with technology at the core of the business model. And we wish only to take on projects where our digital solutions can optimize our customers’ way of working .»


Sustainability enthusiasts

Going hand in hand with his enthusiasm for technology is Stig Trygve’s passion for constructive and viable sustainable solutions.

«Being able to contribute to sustainable choices and solutions is definitely something that drives me. Working in Grieg gives you an excellent platform to do this. We need to create ever-lasting effects and have a long-term perspective. Solutions have to be thought through – short-term quick fixes will not give us the expected outcomes,» he argues.

Being a service-based company, Grieg Logistics aims to influence its subcontractors and customers to think and act more sustainably.

«When we enter into a service agreement with a customer, we have our criteria for following sustainability and diversity goals, and we count on them to live up to our standards. The same goes for our subcontractors: We prioritize to work with those that meet our standards and influence others that don’t.»

About Grieg Logistics

Grieg Logistics is a leading provider and partner of digital solutions and logistics competence. Grieg Logistics offers high-quality services and systems within terminal operations, 24/7 Ships Services, and efficient Harbor & Port administration. The company’s main customers and partners are ports & terminals, shipowners, industry, public sector, and defense.


About Grieg Connect

Grieg Connect is a subsidiary of Grieg Logistics. The company was formed in 2017 with a merger of two acquisitions; Seamless and ShipLog. Grieg Connect provides agile software for ports, supply bases, terminals, and ferries combining operational knowledge and state-of-the-art IT solutions.

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