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News / november 18 2022

Gen2 Energy and Grieg Logistics sign a letter of intent for cooperation on green hydrogen in the Mosjøen area


The aim is that Grieg Logistics through Mosjøen Industriterminal (MIT) will support Gen2 Energy in the planning and design phase of the terminals and provide optimal logistics solutions for the operation of the terminals in the Mosjøen area.

Mosjøen harbor from bird's eye view
Mosjøen Industriterminal

Gen2 Energy is in the process of establishing an integrated value chain for green hydrogen within 2024. Gen2 Energy plans to build two production facilities for large-scale production and shipping of green hydrogen in the region of Mosjøen. The building involves the design, development, and construction of shipping terminals.

– Hydrogen is one of the ten most promising future industries for Norway. Aiming to take a considerable position within the green transformation, we are happy to sign an agreement with Grieg Logistics, which provides us with the necessary technology and local expertise to realize our ambitious goal in Mosjøen and Helgeland, says Paal A. Utvik, Vice President Hydrogen Shipping in Gen2Energy

The intention is that Mosjøen Industriterminal (MIT) will support Gen2 Energy in the planning and design phase of the terminals and secure optimal logistics solutions for the operation of the terminals. Grieg Logistics could further provide end-to-end ship services and maritime logistics where needed, while Grieg Connect can provide advisory services and digital solutions in addition to their terminal operating systems.

– At the Grieg Group, we aim to be part of the solution, solving the challenges facing the maritime industry. There are tremendous opportunities in the green transition, and we strive to play a vital role. We are proud to be part of Gen2Energy’s important journey, and look forward to our collaboration, says Stig Trygve Andersen, CEO of Grieg Logistics.

Male employee at Grieg Logistics sitting in a couch at the office: Stig Trygve Andersen
Stig Trygve Andersen, CEO Grieg Logistics. Photo: Ingvild Festervoll Melien.

The production facility and the terminals in Mosjøen could secure almost 30 new jobs in the area and as such become the largest container terminal in Northern Norway. In addition, the terminal will operate through a green value chain, ensuring electric cranes and ships that sail on green hydrogen.



About Grieg Logistics

Grieg Logistics is a national provider of ship services and industrial terminal operations to oil & gas, shipping, offshore, maritime and general industries. Grieg Logistics is also providing software to the Nordic and international market for ports, terminals, and maritime transport stakeholders to enhance efficiency, predictability, and performance, Grieg Logistics serves the whole country with a large number of local offices.


About Gen2 Energy

Gen2 Energy is a Norwegian company dedicated to developing, building, owning, and operating an integrated value chain for green hydrogen. The company target to have several large-scale production facilities for green hydrogen located in Norway and Northern Europe as well as a distribution network ensuring customers safe and reliable delivery. We also aim to use low/zero emission fuel in our distribution system, taking a holistic view of the environmental footprint of the hydrogen value chain. For more information, please visit Gen2 Energy.

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