GreenH shipping harbor from bird's eye view - Graphic illustration.
News / januar 29 2023

Grieg Logistics partners up with GreenH

Grieg Logistics has entered a partnership with GreenH AS. GreenH is a Norwegian company that develops infrastructure for the production and distribution of green hydrogen. The company is engaged in projects aimed at building, owning and operating hydrogen production facilities for the maritime sector, transport, and industry along the Norwegian coast.


The goal of the partnership with GreenH is to develop modern and efficient terminal logistics concepts plus associated services, for the hydrogen facilities being planned.

“GreenH projects require collaboration with experts within logistics and terminal operations management. Grieg Logistics brings logistics specialist competence, and we look forward to working with some of Norway´s sharpest experts to find smart and future proof solutions,” says Lars Petter Revheim, Head of Project Development in GreenH.

The maritime industry and its suppliers represent a significant amount of the world’s CO2 emissions, and we believe infrastructure and alternative fuels are a robust solution to secure zero-emission in the sector by 2050. Therefore, we are pleased to participate in meaningful work for an industry the world needs in the future. says Stig Trygve Andersen, CEO of Grieg Logistics.

To the collaboration, Grieg Logistics provides terminal operations and cargo handling expertise, particularly based on competence and experience from Mosjøen Industriterminal, digital products from Grieg Connect, and ship agency services from Grieg Logistics Ships Services. GreenH provides expertise in hydrogen infrastructure and zero-emission fuels. The partnership will directly result in securing climate-friendly solutions for many industry partners.

Grieg Edge, part of Grieg Maritime Group and the Grieg Group overall is a minor shareholder in GreenH.

GreenH shipping harbor from bird's eye view - Graphic illustration.

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